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Looking Forward

2020 News and Events

Registration is open for the 2020 GSA Conference

PS SEPM's own Dan Sturmer is chairing a session with Jason Dortch from the Kentucky Geological Survey and Nic Barth from UC Riverside - Bedrock Landslide and Rock Fall Deposits and Processes: Insights from the Geologic Record to Today. 

He will also be giving a talk, along with his M.S. Student, Nick Perry:

Sturmer, D.M. and Micander, R.E: A new database of large-scale bedrock landslides in Nevada, USA


Ferry, N.T., Sturmer, D.M., Ward, D.J., Taylor, W.J., and Brett, C.E.: Role of a rigid bedrock substrate on emplacement of the Blue Diamond landslide, Basin and Range province, eastern Spring Mountains, southern Nevada

Looking back.......


PS-SEPM sponsored a session at the PS-AAPG conference in Long Beach April 2019. Russell Shapiro served as technical chair and PS-SEPM liaison to the conference. We also co-sponsored the AAPG West Coast Student Expo held for the first time at CSUB in October. The Expo was a great success and the awardees can be found on our website.

The 2019 Fall Field Trip was held in Owens Valley CA and led by Adam Woods (CSU-Fullerton) in October. The trip was fabulous the weather was gorgeous until the winds picked up and blew us out of camp early Sunday morning. But we made it to the rocks at Union Wash. There are pictures and even a video on our website ( 


PS SEPM suffered a significant loss with the death of Eric Hendrix, our long-time Newsletter editor, colleague, and friend. Eric passed away on October 10, 2019 after suffering for years with diabetes and resultant kidney failure. 


The 2018 Fall Field Trip along the Black Butte Reservoir in Chico was a huge success and my first trip with PS SEPM! We had over 50 attendees, generated 40 new PS-SEPM members, and included another gorgeous guidebook compiled by Mario Caputo (available for purchase on our website)..

The 2018 Garrison Monterey Research Conference was also a success, with over 80 attendees. At the conference, PS-SEPM honored Robert E. Garrison for his lifetime of contributions to science and the science community with the A.E. Fritsche Lifetime Achievement Award. PS-SEPM also recognized Ivan Colburn (CSULA) with the A.E. Fritsche Lifetime Achievement Award. Unfortunately, Ivan left us on July 1, 2018. Ivan was one of my professors at CSULA and I will always remember his passion and dedication to his students and geology.

PSSEPM presented the winner of the Patrick L. Abbott Award for the best graduate student poster to Nick Mitchell, CSU Bakersfield and the John Cooper Memorial Award for best undergraduate poster to Samuel McKinney and co-authors J. Buehler and K. Watson, CSU Bakersfield, at the 2018 PSAAPG Conference. A strong showing for CSUB! The 2019 graduate awards went to Laura C Reynolds, UC Santa Barbara, for Best PhD dissertation and best MS Thesis awards went to Maia C Davis, CSU Long Beach (1st place) and Ryan M. Weller, CSU Long Beach.


Committee: Todd Greene (CSU-Chico, Past President), Mario Caputo (SDSU, Publications Manager and Managing Editor), Wayne Henderson (CSUF, Membership Manager), Adam Woods (CSUF, Treasurer), Kevin Coffey (UCLA, Newsletter Editor), Lisa Alpert (Webmaster), Dan Sturmer (Awards Manager), Russell Shapiro (CSU-Chico, Secretary), Ray Ingersoll (UCLA, Senior Advisor), as well as long standing advocates Rick Behl (CSULB), Tom Anderson (CSU-Sonoma, UNR), Larry Knauer (Chevron – retired), Kathy Marsaglia (CSU-Northridge) and Mara Brady (CSU-Fresno).


Lisa A. Alpert

PS-SEPM President

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Pacific Section

Society for Sedimentary Geology


A Society providing publications, field trips, research, and teaching of sedimentary geology, stratigraphy, and paleontology for the greater geologic community in the Pacific Region and Worldwide

SEPM, the Society for Sedimentary Geology, is an international, not-for-profit organization of geoscientists based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Known formerly as the Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists, the SEPM acronym remains, and the new shortened name, Society for Sedimentary Geology, still reflects a mission of and dedication to disseminating information on sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology, hydrogeology, subsurface exploration, sedimentary tectonics, and geologic disasters of the terrestrial and marine realms.


SEPM is subdivided into eight regional sections in North  America. The Pacific Section SEPM, based in southern California, is one of the premier geological societies of western North America. It encompasses the Pacific states: California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, and overlaps with the Rocky Mountain Section SEPM in parts of the Arizona and Nevada. It has grown to become an international society, attracting students and working professionals from Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America.


Please support the Pacific Section, SEPM with a new or renewed membership. Recruit new members by distributing copies of the Membership Form to all who share an interest in sedimentary geology and related fields. The Membership Form is available on this website and is attached to every Society newsletter. Members benefit from discounts on superbly done field-trip guidebooks and special publications that address sedimentologic and stratigraphic aspects of the Pacific region of the United States. The Society Newsletter, Pacific Sedimentologist, highlights Society field trips, publications, conferences, and other news for the calendar year. Digital versions of the newsletter are distributed to members by email only.

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