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A Society providing publications, field trips, research, and teaching of sedimentary geology, stratigraphy, and paleontology for the greater geologic community in the Pacific Region and Worldwide

SEPM, the Society for Sedimentary Geology, is an international, not-for-profit organization of geoscientists based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Known formerly as the Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists, the SEPM acronym remains, and the new shortened name, Society for Sedimentary Geology, still reflects a mission of and dedication to disseminating information on sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology, hydrogeology, subsurface exploration, sedimentary tectonics, and geologic disasters of the terrestrial and marine realms.


SEPM is subdivided into eight regional sections in North  America. The Pacific Section SEPM, based in southern California, is one of the premier geological societies of western North America. It encompasses the Pacific states: California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, and overlaps with the Rocky Mountain Section SEPM in parts of the Arizona and Nevada. It has grown to become an international society, attracting students and working professionals from Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America.


Please support the Pacific Section, SEPM with a new or renewed membership. Recruit new members by distributing copies of the Membership Form to all who share an interest in sedimentary geology and related fields. The Membership Form is available on this website and is attached to every Society newsletter. Members benefit from discounts on superbly done field-trip guidebooks and special publications that address sedimentologic and stratigraphic aspects of the Pacific region of the United States. The Society Newsletter, Pacific Sedimentologist, highlights Society field trips, publications, conferences, and other news for the calendar year. Digital versions of the newsletter are distributed to members by email only.

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Eric Hendrix - In Memoriam

PSSEPM has lost a long time supporter, contributor, and friend. It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Eric Hendrix  on October 10, 2019. Eric was a senior consultant for Earth Consultants in Santa Ana and a strong supporter of students and the geosciences. 


"Eric was a great guy, always contributing positive energy to the group! I really enjoyed working with him and was amazed about his extensive knowledge on California geology, whether it was sedimentology, tectonics, structural geology, or his main expertise, hydrogeology. I had many great conversations on the Monterey Formation with him and he shared a lot of his books with me that helped me during my times as a student" – Yannick Wirtz


"Eric was a really warm, big-hearted guy and a heck of a good geologist. I think that all of us benefited from knowing him. My connections with him were primarily through the Pacific Section SEPM where he was a long-time, strong and reliable contributor and colleague." – Rick Behl


"Eric had a big heart and he cared deeply for PS-SEPM." -  Mario Caputo

Rest in Peace, Eric. You will be missed

On behalf of the PSAAPG 2020 Convention Committee and PSAAPG leadership I wanted to reach out regarding the latest concerns about the COVID-19 virus. Things have changed rapidly in the last few days. We have been faced with a difficult situation and have decided that the health and safety of you, your families and our community is most important. For this reason, we are very sorry to have to cancel the PSAAPG 2020 Convention. We truly appreciate the time and effort you all have put into preparing your presentations, posters, and your commitment to be part of PSAAPG.


We will be issuing refunds for registration, field trips, short courses, and special events. We ask that you be patient with us as we work through the logistics of this quickly changing situation. We are doing our best to respond to your inquiries and will be able to process refunds very soon.


If you have other travel arrangements and hotel reservations, you need to cancel them yourself. The hotel has stated that they will honor the hotel rate if you choose to keep your reservation.


We appreciate your continued support and hope to see you at PSAAPG 2021 Convention!


Renee Richards
Convention Co-Chair

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