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CSUB 2019 West Coast Student Expo 

This was the first year that PS SEPM sponsored the student presentation awards at the Expo

PhD award

1st place Peng Zhou - Louisiana State University

Geophysics Award

1st place – Robert Hernandez - SDSU

2nd place – Scott Pantaleone – University of Alaska Anchorage


BS Award

Eneas Andrade Torres – CSU Bakersfield

MS Awards 

1st place   - Cameron Gernant  - UC Santa Barbara

2nd place  - Obeyd Mohammadi - CSU Bakersfield

3rd place – Allison Franco – CSU Northridge


A. Eugene Fritsche Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Conferred yearly on high profile nominees (professionals in industry and academia) for years of committed service and contributions to PS-SEPM and the geologic community in terms of teaching, research and publications, public service, and field trips

  • Award consists of a plaque and recognition at a Pacific region conference

  • Prerequisite for nomination: PS-SEPM Honorary Membership

2018 Mario Caputo and Robert E. Garrison

2017 Raymond V. Ingersoll and Thomas Anderson

2016 Ivan Colburn

2013 John Crowell

2012 Donn Gorsline

2011 Al Fischer

2010 Reinhard Suchsland

2008 Patrick L. Abbott

2003 John Cooper

2001 A. Eugene Fritsche


Honorary Membership Award

  • Nominees should be selected equally from both industry and academia

  • For cumulative years of outstanding service to PS-SEPM in terms of offices held, length of term, field trips led, and papers published with PS-SEPM

  • Award consists of a plaque conferred during fall field trip or conference held in year of nomination

2018 Kathy Marsaglia and Steve Graham

2017 Adam Woods, Eric Hendrix, and Wayne Henderson

2015 Cathy Busby

2014 Bonnie Bloeser, Rick Behl, and Dave Bottjer

2012 Bob Garrison and Don Lowe

2005 Stanley C. Finney and William L. Bilodeau

1998 John Cooper, Thomas Anderson, Calvin H. Stevens, Mario Caputo, Gary Girty, Raymond V. Ingersoll, and David Andersen


Patrick L. Abbott Award

Awarded for the best graduate student poster at the Annual Spring Conference.

2019 Leo Giannetta of CSU Long Beach

2018 Nick Mitchell, CSU Bakersfield

2017 Deirdre La Bounty of University of Alaska

2016 Ryan Weller of CSU Long Beach

John D. Cooper Memorial Award

  • For best undergraduate poster presentation in sedimentology/stratigraphy by an undergraduate student, the poster of whom is evaluated and scored for specific criteria by the volunteering members of the PS-SEPM Executive Committee

  • Award consists of plaque or certificate, $500, and 1-year membership in PS-SEPM to individual student or 1st author among co-authors . Presented at the Annual Spring Conference

2018 Samuel McKinney, CSU Bakersfield

2017 Evelyn Gutierrez of CSU Fullerton

2014 Chris Bowie of CSU-Fresno


John C. Crowell Graduate Award

  • For best MS and Doctoral Thesis in sedimentology/stratigraphy by a graduate student nominated either by faculty advisor, department chair at home geology department, PS-SEPM Awards Committee, or SEPM Faculty Representative, who is familiar with student’s (s’) work

  • Evaluated by members of PS-SEPM Awards Committee at conference where presentation is made

  • Faculty member in the home geology department nominates student(s)

  • Award consists of $500 given to the home geology department; each student author receives a PS-SEPM T-shirt and 1-year membership in PS-SEPM; awardee(s), if present, acknowledged at the next fall field trip

2019 Awardees

Best PhD dissertation

Laura C. Reynolds, UC Santa Barbara, "The Late Quaternary evolution of the southern California coast: sea-level change, storms, and subsidence" 

Best M.S. Thesis 

1st - Maia C. Davis, Cal State Long Beach, " Spatial and geochemical characterization of an anomalous, map-scale dolomite breccia in the Monterey Formation, Santa Maria basin, California"

2nd - Ryan M. Weller, Cal State Long Beach, "Compositional and diagenetic controls of hardness in siliceous mudstones of the Monterey Formation, Belridge oil field, CA: implications for fracture development"

2015 Awardees

Best PhD dissertation

1st - Glenn Sharman (Stanford University) Provenance, paleogeography, and mass-movement of deep-water depositional systems in arc-adjacent basins: the Cretaceous-Paleogene California Forearc and Upper Miocene Mohakatino Formation, New Zealand

Best M.S. thesis

1st - Kevin Coffey (UCLA) Oligocene-Miocene sedimentary and volcanic strata of the Vincent Gap Region, Eastern San Gabriel Mountains, Southern California, USA, and their tectonic significance

2014 Awardees

Best Ph.D. dissertation

1st – Grant Shimer (Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks) – Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Nanushuk Formation and related foreland basin deposits, central Brooks Range foothills, Alaska

2nd – Carie M. Frantz (Univ. of Southern California) – Stromatolites as biosignatures and paleoenvironmental records: experiments with modern mats and examples from the Eocene Green River Formation

3rd – Karl A. Lang (Univ. of Washington) – Persistent exhumation of the eastern Himalayan syntaxis

Best M.S. thesis

1st – Annie G. Mosher (Cal State Long Beach) – Detailed lithostratigraphic characterization of Chico Martinez Creek, California


Raymond V. Ingersoll Undergraduate Award

  • For best senior thesis in sedimentology/stratigraphy by an undergraduate student, nominated by advisor

  • Nominated students submit abstract of their theses, which are screened and ranked by PS-SEPM Awards Committee, which later requests copy of full thesis for further evaluation

  • Award consists of $500 and 1-year membership in PS-SEPM to individual student

2019 - Best Senior Thesis

Aria R. Blumm, Occidental College, "Reconstructing earthquake events on the Teton Fault, WY"

2015 Awardees - Best Senior Thesis

1st - Joan Marie Del Vecchio (Pomona College) - Mechanisms for Valley Aggradation in Cow Canyon, Eastern San Gabriel Moutains, California

2nd - John Lawrence (CSU Northridge) - Pottery Shards of the Lesser Antilles Arc

3rd - Saint Joseph Thao (CSU Fresno) A ground penetrating radar and electrical resistivity tomography investigation of a subsurface discontinuous hardpan due to dynamite blasting 50+ years prior

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